Young Christian Society


YCS Movement

It is our pleasure to share with you YCS movement in Kyanguli Secondary School. Special thanks go to all the YCS members for attending the movement through out the year.


First and foremost, Legio of Maria is composed of a group of catholic students who have faith and are eager to follow the way of prayerful Christians who can set a good example. These students have different activities to undertake like praying, singing and visiting the sick to pray with them. They do participate actively in taking care of the environment by collecting papers around the school compound.

Members of the YCS movement are known to be good role models for the school by adhering to school rules and regulations.


The dream of the club Is to be successful in carrying out their mission of leading prayerful lives and teaching how to abide by the 10 commandments from example.

We do thank the administration and our patrons Mr. Matuta, Mr. Jyrus and Ms. Jeniffer Daudi for continued support of our club, May God Bless you all.


Club Members.


Kyanguli Secondary School- Kibwezi was started in 2008.

It started through the initiative of the community and C.D.F. Currently the school is a single …

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Message From The Principal